Peter Taylor, Founder and Former Chairman of THC

“Having worked with Shona for several years, I can certainly vouch for her expertise in both revenue management and the hospitality industry in general. Shona played an integral role in the successful opening of Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow, quickly establishing the hotel as a leader in its field in both room rate and occupancy.

During this time, she was also responsible for the budgets, rate and marketing strategies, and all of our systems and channel management administration for the other four hotels that comprised The Townhouse Collection. 
During her time with Townhouse, Shona was a consummate professional and a proven leader, successfully implementing development strategies for her teams while earning the respect of all of her senior management colleagues. I would not hesitate to recommend Shona’s knowledge and experience to any hospitality professional in need of revenue advice.” 

John Jennett, MD at Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels

“When Shona was my Head of Revenue she looked after seven hotels/resorts with a combined revenue of over £30M. She headed up a team including revenue managers, analysts etc and formed a key part of our Customer & Commercial Leadership Team. It’s taken as read that she’s someone who can grow both revenue and rate but what’s more important is how she goes about it. Shona is someone who can develop strategy but also roll up her sleeves when needed. She has always kept herself current with the latest thinking in revenue management which, when put alongside her many years experience in the Scottish leisure and corporate market, make her a valuable colleague to have on board. With that experience comes understanding and my experience was that Shona forged strong relationships with people up down and across the organisation whether in Operations or other shared services and was great at upskilling those around her.”

Nadine Carmichael, Head of Sales & Marketing, The DRG

“Shona was Head of Revenue to my Head of Marketing and it was a breath of fresh air to work alongside someone who sees collaborative work between both disciplines as a winning approach. Using data, analysis and forensic financial delving as the basis for creating clear strategic direction stops the knee jerk reactions, makes it easy to avoid distractions and keep the focus on results. I would say this is Shona’s forte.”


“I have worked with Shona on a number of occasions over the last 18 years in different markets at different times and in hotels in different places in the market.

Shona is an established leader both of her team and the greater revenue team where she sets the agenda and pace to drive market share and revenue growth.   She is innovative – looking for new and alternative sources of business, engaging  effectively with suppliers to maximise both her understanding of potential returns and to drive long term engagement and returns.

Within the team Shona is an experienced leader offering direction and clarity to the team.  Shona has had previous experience with the implementation of procedures and  protocols in a newly established hotel working with an untried PMS and system integration.

Working with Shona is straightforward with open and collaborative communication and a willingness to consider and reflect on opportunities.”